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The Inland Empire or the Wheat Belt

Located in the northwest of the United States, The Inland Empire—or, The Wheat Belt—encompasses parts of southeastern Washington, north-central Idaho, and northeast Oregon. This wonderful land mainly produces wheat, lentils, peas, and the like. Its name possibly originated from the French pelouse, meaning land with short and thick grass. From April to June, this land is composed of a beautiful patchwork of greens and is thus a paradise for photographers. I had some time in early October and could not resist the wait, so we flew from Florida to Seattle, and then by car crossed the state entirely from west to east, gazing all the way at this gorgeous natural scenery. The golden spectacle of yellows and browns was breathtaking. Pinpointed by scattered farm houses here and there, the inner mood that this vast extension of land produces can only be described as a gentle and peaceful melancholy, one from which one truly does not desire to depart.